HM Montanaro

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A warm, red glow with the sweetness of the forest honey of the Alps. The abundance and richness of the collection of 37 well-selected noble herbs, tasty berries and fine spices inspire with gentle, warm and floral notes. In contrast to the fresh Alpine impressions, there is an elegant - bitter finish. The finishing of the ingredients in the oak leaves a soft sweetness as a final perception, which makes the Montanaro from High Mountain unforgettable.


"I would like to describe my favourite feeling - the feeling of being on a peak. It is the moment when you stand in the heights, the world is at your feet and you feel pure freedom. You breathe the fresh breeze, in a place where the air is so unspent that you feel completely comfortable. As high as the mountains, so high should we raise our glasses. Let the drink activate the same feeling of freedom in you as the mountain top does. Be there and drink a toast with me: Glasses high - High High."

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